Fresh and sparkling
The Espuma dinnerware is a real eye-catcher on your table. The pattern of the pottery is somewhat reminiscent of marble, but is actually a succession of air bubbles. This is where the name Espuma comes from, which is Spanish for foam.
The bubbles refer to an airy, optimistic and lively feeling, where there is plenty of room for new ideas and creations to bubble up. In addition, espumas are often used by chefs to add flavor, color and experience to a dish. With this dinnerware, you can enhance this effect. Combine the items with neutral wooden shelves or plain dinnerware to give it a calmer look.
The earthenware is handmade in Andalusia from white river clay, which gives a fine texture. The glaze is applied by hand, so each bowl and plate is unique. Espuma is available in three colors; bluegrey, green and terra.
Espuma is dishwasher and microwave safe, but cannot be put in the oven.


7 / 11 / 15 / 23 / 27 cm
Espuma Bowls


18 / 23 / 28 cm
Espuma Plates


Terra / Grey / Green
Espuma Colors