Smooth and subtle 

Bowls and Dishes' new tableware line Mano is unique and contemporary. The simple yet extraordinary pattern is applied by hand, making each item unique. The name Mano is derived from the Spanish word for hand. The brush-made lines and strokes provide a smooth and subtle effect.


Create a natural atmosphere by pairing these items with neutral wooden boards, or opt for a more striking ambiance by mixing them with the Espuma tableware, which perfectly complements the colors of the Mano collection.


The earthenware is handmade in Andalusia from white river clay, giving it a fine texture. The colors are applied manually, making each bowl and plate different. The pottery is available in three colors: bluegrey, terra, and green.


Mano is dishwasher and microwave safe but cannot be used in the oven.


7 / 11 /15 / 23 cm
Mano Bowls


18 / 28 cm
Mano Plates


Terra / Grey / Green
Mano Colors