Pure Wood Care

Pure Wood Care

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Maintenance products for wood
Ideally you want to enjoy a beautiful wooden board or product for as long as possible. After each use we therefore recommend cleaning your board or product with a soft brush, lukewarm water and soap and drying it with a dry cloth. Then allow the wood to dry vertically, with the wood grain upright. Wood should never be placed in a dishwasher.
To prevent drying out and maintain the beautiful color and luster for a longer period of time, the wood should be treated regularly. 
The Pure Wood Care line is specifically designed to maintain cutting boards, serving boards, chopping blocks, wooden bowls and other wooden kitchen utensils. Because the products are completely food safe, this line is great for conditioning and maintaining wooden items used in the kitchen or on the table. The line includes both a wax and an oil.


Pure Wood Oil
With Pure Wood Oil you maintain the condition of the wood and prevent odors and colors to migrate into the wood. The mineral oil penetrates well into the grooves of the wood. The mineral oil penetrates well into the grooves of the wood, feeding it through-and-through.


Pure Wood Wax
The application of Pure Wood Wax is similar to the oil. The wax contains a natural wax in addition to the mineral oil, which provides a water repellent layer. Thus the nourishing oil is kept in the wood and the moisture outside. The wax thus has an additional protective function.


For optimal treatment of your wooden product it is wise to first treat it with oil and then regularly update it with the wax.

Keep it good!

Pure Wood Care Keep it good!

Pure Wood Oil & Wax

100 / 250 ml
Pure Wood Care Pure Wood Oil & Wax