Press release from: 19 nov 2019


Bowls and Dishes recently added a new color to the Espuma ceramics line that was introduced this spring: Midnight blue.


The Espuma line is a real eye catcher on the table. The pattern of the pottery is reminiscent of marble, but in reality it is a chain of air bubbles. The name Espuma is also derived from this, which is Spanish for foam. The pottery is glazed by hand in a special way, making each item unique. Just as chefs use espumas to add flavor, color and experience to a dish, you can enhance this effect with the right crockery.


The cups and plates are made by hand in Andalusia from white river clay, which gives a fine structure. The glaze is applied manually, which means that every dish and plate is different. Espuma is dishwasher and microwave safe, but cannot be put in the oven. The pottery is available in the colors midnight blue, gray and mint.


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