New cocktail boards from Pure Rose Wood

New cocktail boards from Pure Rose Wood

Press release from: 11 nov 2019


New cocktail boards from Pure Rose Wood

The new Bowls and Dishes serving bowls are made of robust dark wood and finished with sturdy black metal handles.


The Sheesham wood, also called Indian Rosewood, has a warm color and a beautiful woodgrain with alternation between dark tones of the heartwood and lighter notes of the sapwood. Each board is unique, because each piece of wood has its own drawing and color gradient. The black metal handles are not only convenient, but also give the boards a sturdy look. Pure Rose Wood is very durable. The wood lasts a long time because of the density of the wood. A new tree is planted for each felled one.


The Pure Rose Wood series consists of sturdy round, square and rectangular boards with handles on both sides. In addition, elongated planks are available with a metal handle at the top. The large round boards with a diameter of up to 60 cm are new. This can be completely filled with all kinds of goodies according to the latest 'grazing platter' trend.


Serve up the good times with Bowls and Dishes

With Bowls and Dishes you are at the right 'spot' for culinary lifestyle products. The handmade ceramics and natural wooden boards just add that little bit extra to your dinner, lunch or cocktail party. 

Bowls and Dishes is made to enjoy, so serve up the good times!

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