Pure Olive Wood

Pure Olive Wood

Pure Olive Wood is a natural line of Bowls and Dishes with items of olive wood. Besides tapasboards, bowls, mortars and salad servers, also various accessories are available.

Pure Olive Wood is a natural product derived from ancient olive trees that have lost their production function for olives. By the characteristic growth of the olive tree you acquire one of the hardest woods in the world with a special woodgrain. Each product is unique, having a different shape and grain. Moreover, the olive wood is more hygienic than other wood, because it is naturally oily. Wood is a natural product and is subject to change. Cracks may occur after some time. To maintain its beautiful color and gloss, olive wood should occasionally be treated with olive oil or a special conditioner wax.


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Buffet Board, Tapas Board, Tapas Board with Handle, Steak Board, Serving Board, and a Small Board for Appetizers
Pure Olive Wood Shelfs


Round Bowls from 4 to 32 cm, Oval Bowls and Drop Shaped Bowls and Fruit Platters
Pure Olive Wood Bowls


Tapas spoon, Appetizer spoon, Honey Spoon, Egg cup, Honey jar, Pincho holders and pincho's, Mortars and Bread baskets
Pure Olive Wood Accesories

Kitchen tools

Sugar scoops, Butter knife, Spoons, Spatulas, Salad servers and Soop Ladels
Pure Olive Wood Kitchen tools

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