PURE WOOD | Beech is a natural product. Each wood type has its own color, grain and characteristics. The name of the tree is burned into each board. Puur Hout can be used as a sturdy cutting board in the kitchen, as well as a serving board for appetizers or dishes, bringing a unique ambiance to the table. 

Wood is naturally subject to change. Cracks may occur after some time. To maintain its beautiful color and gloss, wood should regularly be treated with a special wax or oil. Avoid prolonged exposure to water and heat. Puur Hout should be cleaned with a soft brush, lukewarm water and soap before first time usage. Puur Hout is not suitable for the dishwasher.


Download the PURE WOOD | Beech brochure

Serving boards

with handgrip, in 49, 59 or 69 cm length
PURE WOOD | Beech Serving boards


with handle and cutout, in sizes: 35 or 49 cm
PURE WOOD | Beech Foodboards

Streetfood boards

with handle and cutouts in sizes: 35 cm, 2 cutouts | 49 cm, 3 cutouts
PURE WOOD | Beech Streetfood boards

Serving trays

with leather handgrips, in sizes: 49 cm, 59, cm, 69 cm en 89 cm
PURE WOOD | Beech Serving trays

Streetfood trays

with leather handgrips and cutouts in sizes: 49 cm, 5 cut outs | 59 cm, 6 cut outs | 69 cm, 7 cut outs
PURE WOOD | Beech Streetfood trays

Round serving trays

with handle in sizes: Ø 25, Ø 30, Ø 35, Ø 40, Ø 45, or Ø 50 cm
PURE WOOD | Beech Round serving trays

Paddle boards

with handle, in sizes: 49, 69, or 89 cm
PURE WOOD | Beech Paddle boards

Steak boards

with handle in sizes: 35 cm, 49 cm, or 59 cm
PURE WOOD | Beech Steak boards

Chopping blocks

Chopping blocks square: ⌀ 30, ⌀ 35 of ⌀ 40 cm
PURE WOOD | Beech Chopping blocks

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