Pure Walnut Wood

Pure Walnut Wood

A serving board of Pure Walnut Wood from Bowls and Dishes gives you a special item at home. Each walnut board is very finely finished and you can feel it. The color of the European walnut is warm dark brown and has beautiful dark vertical grains. The walnut is knife-friendly and has the right hardness to prevent deep cuts. But of course you can also serve bites and dishes or use the board for decoration.

To maintain its beautiful color and shine, the wood should be treated regularly with a special maintenance wax. Wood is naturally subject to change and cracks may develop over time. Avoid prolonged exposure to water and heat. Before the first time usage, the board should be washed with a soft brush, lukewarm water and soap. Wood is not suitable for the dishwasher.

Serving board

31,5 / 38 / 49 / 59 / 69 cm
Pure Walnut Wood Serving board

Serving boards round

Ø20 / Ø25 / Ø30 cm
Pure Walnut Wood  Serving boards round